2016 Priorities for New Hampshire's CAN

2016 Priorities Brochure (pdf)

Safety and Wellbeing: Create a Sustainable Statewide System of Family Resource Centers of Quality

Fact Sheet 

Priority Leaders: Karen Welford, NH Children's Trust and Family Support NH 

Safety and Wellbeing: Create a Commission to Study the Collection of Child Abuse Data

Fact Sheet

Priority Leader: Keryn Bernard-Kriegl, NH Children's Trust 

Health and Wellness: Improve Access to Health Care and a Healthy Lifestyle

Fact Sheet

Priority Leader: Rebecca Harris, Transportation NH 

Health and Wellness: Improve Children’s Health by Expanding the Reach of Dental Hygienists

Fact Sheet

Priority Leader: Gail Brown, NH Oral Health Coaltion 

Economic Security: Implement a Prevailing Wage for NH-funded Public Works Construction Projects

Fact Sheet 

Priority Leader: Huck Montgomery, NH Building and Construction Trades Council

Education: Scale Up High-Quality Pre-K Services through Pay for Success Financing

Fact Sheet 

Priority Leaders: Lindsay Hanson and Jennifer Jenkins, Save the Children Action Network