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New Hampshire Kids Count brings people together for kids by convening broad and inclusive groups of partners to pool expertise, address specific challenges and craft public policy solutions. We believe that the whole is stronger than its parts and that together can we make system-wide changes. One of the coalitions led by NH Kids Count is the New Hampshire Dental Health Access Alliance.

New Hampshire Dental Access Alliance

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Good oral health is essential to living a full, healthy life. To be well nourished, ready to learn in school and develop to their fullest potential, children and youth need access to quality oral health services. However, in some parts of New Hampshire, children are unable to access the dental care they need. 

The New Hampshire Dental Access Alliance is a broad group of partners working together to improve access to quality oral health care by introducing a new dental health professional.children are not able to access routine dental care due to a shortage of oral health professionals.

Dental Access Alliance partners

Partners in the Dental Access Alliance drafted and launched a bill in the 2013 New Hampshire Legislative session (SB 193) to create a new dental professional who could help ease a shortage of dentists in the state. SB 193 was amended to create a study commission to analyze oral health needs that is meeting currently.

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Posted by NH Oral Health 4 All on Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coming soon: White paper discussing the committee's findings on oral health access in NH 

Learn more about the Dental Hygiene Practitioner

Dental Health Access partners are collecting stories from New Hampshire residents about their access to dental care. These accounts will be shared with the NH Legislature to illustrate the circumstances faced by local families every time they need to see a dental professional. 

Have you or your family ever gone without required dental care? If so, we want to hear from you.

Partners are also working to gather stories of those who have experienced challenges accessing oral health care, to better inform the NH State legislature. Have you or your family ever gone without dental care? We need to hear from you.

Visit to share your story