New Hampshire Kids Count 2015 Data Book


New Hampshire Kids Count 2015 Data Book

Some Key Findings: 

  • Our child population is changing. Two-thirds of our children live in the southern-most third of the state. Approximately 9 percent of our child population is non-white, and 5 percent are Hispanic or Latino. Almost 65 percent of New Hampshire public school students receiving Limited English Proficiency services are enrolled in the Manchester, Nashua, and Concord school districts.
  • Child poverty persists. For children younger than 18 years of age, the poverty level is 11.1 percent. Although the poverty rates are highest in New Hampshire’s northern county, the largest numbers of children living in poverty reside in the southern counties. 
  • Many New Hampshire family incomes have not rebounded to their pre-2008 levels. Families with fewer economic resources turn to a mix of public and private sources to provide subsidies for essential services such as rent, heat, childcare, food and medical care. A recent study noted that without these programs, another 25,000 Granite State children would slip into poverty.

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Indicators By Section 

Family and Community

Economic Opportunity


Health and Wellness

Safety and WellBeing

Child Population and Racial Composition


 Preschool and Kindergarten Enrollment

Low Birth Weight


Limited English Proficiency

Livable Wage

Fourth Grade Reading and Math

Infants Born at High Risk

Child Maltreatment

Children in Single-Parent Families

Free and Reduced Price Lunch 

Eighth Grade Reading and Math

Infant Mortality

 Children in Out-of-Home Placements

Child Care Capacity

SNAP (Food Stamp) Enrollment

High School Dropouts

Student Overweight/Obesity

Homeless Children and Youth


Child and Family Poverty

Special Education

Student Alcohol Use

Children in Need of Services

WIC Participation


Student Tobacco Use

Youth in Detention


Student Marijuana Use

Juvenile Arrests

Student Prescription Drug Use


 Child Mental Health Services*


Children's Health Insurance


County Summary Sheets                       



 Full List of Indicators  

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Cheshire  PDF  PDF 
Grafton PDF  PDF 
Hillsborough  PDF PDF
Merrimack  PDF  PDF 
Rockingham  PDF  PDF 
Strafford  PDF  PDF 
Sullivan  PDF  PDF 

         Example Full List of County Indicators- Belknap         


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