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New Hampshire Kids Count brings people together for kids by convening broad and inclusive groups of partners.  We combine expertise, address specific challenges and craft public policy solutions to effect system-wide change. 


New Hampshire Juvenile Justice Coalition 

The New Hampshire Juvenile Justice Coalition is a broad group of partners working together to improve the justice system serving our children and our communities. The New Hampshire Juvenile Justice Coalition members value knowledge, public safety, compassion and fairness. The coalition developed several legislative initiatives in 2015, to update juvenile justice laws, reflecting the newest practices for detained youth.  

2015 Juvenile Justice Legislation

Among the changes proposed in the legislation are:

  • Establishing guidelines for school resource officers in NH school districts
  • Continuing education for students who are suspended or expelled
  • Improve protections against waiver of counsel for unidentified special education children
  • Expunge adult criminal records for those 17 year olds convicted of a crime between 7/1/2014 and 7/1/2015 (date at which 17 year olds become a juvenile und HB1624-2014)
  • Develop discharge plans for youth at the Sununu Center as early as possible
  • Assess minors who are adjudicated for eligibility of state medical assistance programGovernor Hassan Signing CHINS Bill

      Previous Successful Legislative Priorities 

      • Modernization of CHINS (2013) 
      • Juvenile Justice Reform (HB 1624) (2014) 

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