You may donate some sum of money for children in New Hampshire. They need your help at this exact moment. Use the link and help children be healthy and stuffed.

My Canadian Pharmacy and Charity

We provide comprehensive assistance to:

  • orphans and children left without parental care;
  • children with disabilities (disabled and seriously ill children);
  • children and families with children in difficult life situations, including large and low-income families;
  • organizations for orphans and professionals working with orphans.

Our charity program is aimed at social support and protection of children, who, due to their physical or intellectual characteristics, are not able to realize their rights and legitimate interests on their own, namely:

  • promotion of family arrangements for orphans and children left without parental care;
  • promoting the protection of motherhood, childhood and fatherhood;
  • promoting the role of the family in society;
  • promoting activities in the field of prevention and protection of children’s health, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle, improving the moral and psychological state of children;
  • promoting children’s sports activities;
  • promotion of activities in the field of education and education of children, getting acquainted children with culture and art, spiritual development of the child’s personality;
  • popularization in the society of charitable activities in the interests of children and the involvement of wide sections of the population;
  • achieving other charitable goals related to helping children.