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Today, our online pharmacy is acknowledged as one of the leading companies specializing in the sale and delivery of drugs. From the moment of our establishment – in 1992 – we defined the basic principles of our work: reliability, responsibility and quality service.

Our online pharmacy with international delivery is an opportunity to promptly receive qualified assistance, a wide selection of medications and first-class service. We are considered to be popular. Among our advantages, there are: round-the-clock operation, reasonable prices and high quality of the entire product range. All drugs have passed the state control system and are accompanied, upon request, by a certificate of conformity. My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the few online pharmacies in Canada that has a call center and consulting service – we are always ready to help you!My Canadian Pharmacy Sells Generics Online

Our main priority is low prices

The low price is formed due to the minimum margin and due to many years of experience working with wholesale suppliers of medications.

Thanks to the convenient search engine of our online pharmacy, you can instantly find exactly what you need by typing the drug name in the search box, or a phrase from the description (for which the drug is used).

Our online pharmacy is a service for those who keep up with the times. Buying drugs from an online pharmacy, you save time on the search for medications, as well as money. The price of drugs in our online pharmacy is significantly lower than in any conventional drugstore.

We pay special attention to the quality control of drugs. In our store, you will never find counterfeit drugs. All medications presented in the catalog are certified. The safety and quality of medications are guaranteed by the manufacturer and are confirmed by an appropriate certificate. Upon your request, the certificate of conformity given by the certificate holder will be provided.

We have been involved in the retail sale of medications for more than 20 years. We have managed to accumulate the necessary experience and select the most conscientious employees over the years.

Our team is highly professional pharmacists who are always ready to help you with advice.

Rich Assortment

My Canadian Pharmacy is rich in the assortment. Our online catalog is diverse and rich in medications able to prevent various medical conditions.

We have the following categories in our store:

  • medications: We try to ensure that everyone who has a demand can purchase the right medication. We add to the assortment exclusively proven certified medications. The site presents the latest products that exist in the pharmaceutical market. We offer you a unique selection of medications. All medicines are divided into groups (antibiotics, corticosteroids, homeopathy, etc.). Thus, each user can quickly find and buy the right product.
  • medical cosmetics. The peculiarity of the products presented in this category is that they do not cause allergic reactions, are strictly tested at all stages of production, they contain drugs. In our pharmacy, you will find dermatological remedies for the skin, cosmetic products for the restoration of hair structure, products for body and etc.
  • products for mom and baby. How important it is that from the first minutes of life the baby was surrounded by care. High-quality skincare can provide only special pharmacy products. On our website, you will find certified products for mothers and children. Pregnant women and mothers of newborns will also find a lot of useful products in our online store.
  • vitamins and dietary supplements. The quality and mode of nutrition directly affect the state of human health.
  • medical supplies. In the first-aid kit of a modern family, in addition to the basic set of medications, there must be additional means that, in case of a disease, will help determine temperature, pressure, blood sugar levels, etc. Our company offers a large selection of inhalers, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors and other medical products.


  • the lowest drug prices. Due to the large turnover of goods, we can provide you with discounts and work in profit. Finally, everyone wins.;
  • large and constantly replenishing range. We can find expensive drugs and their cheap counterparts. You can also order rare medications.;
  • the opportunity to purchase related generic products;
  • our company employs experienced pharmacists with many years of experience;
  • quality control of medical drugs;
  • timely delivery of drugs (to any address you specify);
  • consultation with an experienced pharmacist;
  • we are open around the clock. You can order medications 24 hours 7 days a week;
  • we contain a detailed description of drugs, useful medical articles that will help you determine the choice of medication.

As you can see, the advantages of online pharmacies are obvious and useful. If you have not yet become our client – do it! Our online pharmacy will gladly deliver you the medicine and a great mood!

The quality control of drugs

We work with proven manufacturers. In this case, the quality control of drugs begins before the receipt of the drugs – with the choice of a reliable and honest supplier.

Quality control of drugs for compliance with the requirements of the FDA. It should be noted that medications that have not been tested are not allowed for sale or prohibited drugs that may harm human life and health.

Compliance with the rules of storage and transportation is an important item quality control of drugs. The effectiveness and safety of the drug depend on the proper storage.

Quality control of drugs upon delivery of goods. It is also important to observe the storage of drugs with specific requirements for packaging and storage. The buyer is informed about the rules for the storage of individual medications so that after the purchase the medication retains its medicinal properties.

As you see, we take the quality control of medications very seriously, since we definitely understand the importance of our products for treating people from all over the world. If you are interested in the quality control of drugs in our pharmacy in more detail, you can always send us an email and ask about interesting moments. It is important for us that you have no doubts about buying medications via our online service!


  • We process orders within 24 hours;
  • To confirm the order and specify the delivery time, the operator will send you an email;
  • All orders are formed at the pharmacy and are picked up by skilled and experienced pharmacists;
  • Courier will bring you the parcel right to the specified address.

We cooperate with reliable international services bringing the parcels safe to our customers. We offer regular or express delivery which differs in the waiting period and fee. In the majority of cases, express delivery is trackable which provides security within the delivery. Many customers prefer this delivery option. Besides, we guarantee our customers free delivery as a bonus if you comply with one requirement. If you order reaches the definite sum of money you will be informed about such an opportunity.

Payment Options

The most popular payment option is considered to be credit cards. We accept Visa and MasterCard as two the most popular credit cards. The majority of people have such payment options to complete an order. You are welcome to choose the most appropriate means to pay for an order online. If you do not obtains these options you are welcome to contact us and we will try to cope with your problem.

When your credit card is debited you will be informed about the successful processing of your order. You won’t be cheated as we are not a fake online pharmacy. We respect our customers and their rights for a legal business.

Main Specialization – Generics

Generic is a medication that, according to the chemical formula, completely coincides with a known drug, but is marketed under a different name. This word comes from the English phrase “generic drug”, which can be translated as “generic medication”. Generics are much cheaper than their popular, well-known counterparts since no one has yet canceled fees for the brand. However, they do not always correspond exactly to their branded analogs, so they should be taken with caution. Sometimes generic drugs are produced by “reverse engineering”, that is, studying the composition of their eminent counterpart and trying to reproduce it accurately.

We specialize in generics as it may help provide people with a different income level with high-quality medications. Our company cooperates with reliable and certified drug manufacturers. All the medications meet the quality and storage standards. Also, we have brand medications in the assortment but their price is considerably greater in comparison with generics. Our main aim is to make medications affordable for all people living in the world.

So in our online pharmacy, you can safely ask for analogs of expensive brand-name drugs with the same active ingredient. As a rule, there are a lot of generics, so do not hesitate to consult a pharmacist. Our customer care department will come to rescue.

Canadian Medications Online

Canadian pharmacies sell medicines made in Canada and other countries, almost all of which have a cheaper generic. When a doctor prescribes a medication for you, ask if generic can be used. If you are prescribed a long course of treatment, buy medications in large packages – it is more profitable. For example, a pack of 120 aspirin tablets costs $19.82, and a pack of the same aspirin 50 tablets is $8.79. Do not forget to count the number of tablets and compare it with the marked on the package.

Medications sold by Canadian pharmacies are of high quality. They are produced in accordance with all the requirements stated by the FDA. You won’t put your health at risk when buying generic medications. They provide the same therapeutic effect but cost less. You are welcome to make an order at our service and start treatment with top-quality generic analogs f well-known branded drugs.

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