Hunger: The Most Widespread but Feasible Problem of the World

Every night, about a billion people in the world go to sleep on an empty stomach. What is necessary to put an end to this situation? Canadian Health Care believes that famine is the most widespread, but solvable, a problem of peace.

Since every seventh inhabitant of the Earth is starving, hunger has become one of the main problems of our time. In addition to the fact that hunger causes direct suffering to millions of people, its consequences cause irreparable harm to the health and development of people.

Nevertheless, to solve the problems of hunger does not require scientific breakthroughs or revolutionary discoveries as Canadian Health Care points out. The knowledge, tools, and approaches that we have nowadays, plus political will can solve this problem.

The achievements of Brazil in recent years are an excellent confirmation of this fact. Over the past decade, this Latin American country has reduced the number of hungry people by one third, drawing 24 million out of extreme poverty and reducing the starvation rate by 25 percent.

Other countries have also achieved significant results. China and Russia, for example, were once countries receiving food from UNO. Now they are among the countries that provide food to our organization.How to Cope with Hunger_

Many countries, working with UNO, are already solving the problem of hunger, using proven and reliable strategies. Below are six strategies that have proven effective in practice. For 50 years they formed the basis of our efforts to combat hunger.

Tips for Eliminating Hunger Disorder

Food Aid during Emergency Situations

The distribution of emergency food aid after civil and military conflicts or natural disasters helps save thousands of lives. This measure also helps to ensure the normal physical and mental development of children, preventing depletion.

Meals for Children under 2 Years Old

Distribution of specialized nutrition to pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as children up to 2 years, allows for the normal development of children.

School Meal

Providing children with food at school means that they receive the food they need to train and concentrate on lessons. It also means that they do not drop out of school, which helps them escape poverty and hunger.

Support for Small and Private Farmers

By supporting small and private farmers and helping them find markets, we help communities develop effective food production.

Food in Exchange for Training

By providing food aid to women in exchange for attending training courses and training where they can obtain the necessary skills in order to earn money, we give them the opportunity to provide themselves the beneficial future.

Food Vouchers

When the quantity and variety of food products in the markets are not limited, but poor families can not afford to buy them, food vouchers help people obtain the necessary food. In addition, this program also supports the economy.

It is not so difficult to follow these rules in attempts to improve the world living. Canadian Health Care agrees that you have to help people who cope with hunger disaster!