My Canadian Pharmacy: High-Quality Online Generics with 10 Facts About Cold

cold2My Canadian Pharmacy decides to explain the main 10 facts about cold about which you cannot envision. Such topic was chosen because of the fact that spring is the time of cold spreading. Cold, of course, is not so dangerous disease but its symptoms are unpleasant in any situation.

Let observe these 10 facts and decide how to protect yourself from unwanted ramifications.

The first fact is known as  “ Cold Incubation Period lasts 48 hours”. Forty-eight hours are exactly that amount of time necessary for virus distribution in the human’s organism. If you feel unpleasant symptoms of cold it is better to understand where you have been forty-eight hours before and you will understand where you have been infected by this virus.

The second fact introduces the idea that constant moderate loadings may decrease the risk of cold appearance. Your first aid kit may contain various innovative preparations to increase your immunity but the first one is moving. Live an active life and you will naturally increase and strengthen your immunity system. Or there is one more capability exactly take vitamins sold by My Canadian Pharmacy and you will understand the life is beautiful and attractive.

The third point tells us that night lifestyle decreases the immunity giving viruses an opportunity to enter the organism. Why does it happen? If you go to bed too late and sleep less than seven hours you have the risk three times more to be infected with cold virus. It is better to control your regime of sleep because it influences your health directly.

The next fact sounds like “the products with high content of vitamin C do not protect from cold”. Many people when feel coming of indisposition, begin to absorb vitamin C in large doses. Actually, it is absolutely useless. Researches of scientists from Helsinki University and mycanadian pharmacy prove that in case of cold has already begun, the raised doses of vitamin C won’t help to recover quicker and won’t facilitate symptoms.

But there is one nuance: if you are subject to constant stresses, you are under the big tension or you can be prepared for something very important and exhausting, the daily dose of vitamin C in 200 mg can reduce your chances to catch cold approximately half. However, the vitamin C received from natural sources works better, include in diet a citrus, broccoli, tomatoes, red pepper, kiwi fruit, onions.

“Echinacea makes the cold disappear faster” is one fact our list. Many people heard about echinacea, some even saw her gentle-pink flowers. As shows recent research – 1600 people took part in it – preparations on the basis of this plant actually help to resist to cold. Those who accept an echinacea tincture risk to catch a cold twice less. If cold has begun, then echinacea is capable to reduce her current by one and a half days.

The sixth fact says some astonishing idea sounding like “Cold makes people gain weight”. It is difficult to believe in it, but, perhaps, those 5 kilograms which have undertaken last winter at all from nowhere were brought with itself by cold. Recently scientists from San Diego have submitted very interesting statistical data: children who have been infected with adenovirus 36 (a virus which causes typical symptoms of cold and sometimes and gastrointestinal problems) weighed on average 20 kilograms more, than children who haven’t been infected. Though researchers also didn’t declare that all viruses of cold are capable to provoke obesity, however, it is an additional incentive not to ache, isn’t it?

The seventh fact is “hot tea relieves the symptoms of cold”. Your mother was right when she at the first symptoms of cold forced you to have hot tea and chicken broth – they won’t cure an illness, however considerably will facilitate symptoms. The English researchers are sure that, just drinking hot tea ensures immediate and steady disposal of the worst cold symptoms, such as cough, sneezing, cold, sore throat and fatigue. Drinks of room temperature don’t render such effect. For removal of quinsy symptoms, it is necessary to try to squeeze out in a glass with herbal tea of lemon piece and add honey teaspoon there.

One more fact tells us the idea that breast milk is more effective in cold treatment. But this aspect is too narrow because only newborns may be treated in such a way.

The ninth fact gives us statistical data where people may know that people suffer from cold 200 times for all life long. This figure is rather high but if it is counted all life long it sounds not so terrible as at the first hearing.

And the latest fact in our list says that cold is not infectious. All people are afraid to be infected by the cold that it turns out that the virus should be transmitted even in the ideal conditions to enter the organism of another person.